Unique birthday surprise ideas and inspiration for you.

It was last month when one of my acquaintance asked me how to surprise on birthday. To be specific she was asking me for some surprise ideas for her love. I gave her few options and she liked one of them, the most. So this gave me a thought that I should write a huge list of ideas that can be helpful to anyone no matter where he/she belongs or no matter which situation. Before starting my list I want to give a quick tip to all the readers based on which you will find rest of my ideas on the list.

“Tip: A Birthday surprise is best when it is least expected.” I know it is no brainer to many, but some people really don’t know how to surprise someone on a birthday is the easiest thing if they know “least expected quotient”. Many shady minds would be thinking that I should slap my friend on his birthday, while this is also least expected, LOL. It is quite obvious that you have to make someone’s birthday memorable for good not for bad. You have to find ideas that will make his/her day awesome.

Surprise birthday ideas Now time for some amazing surprise ideas waiting for you. From now you will explore some of the unique ideas for surprises that you might not have heard before. I have tried to cover every possible idea for everyone. You will find from conventional to unconventional ideas with real-life experiences. So let’s dive into the list.

1.Group wishes video I have recently shared this idea in one of my articles. It is the perfect birthday surprise you can give to someone who is far away from your place. For example, your friend stays in other state or country and you won’t be able to visit the surprise for his/her birthday. In that case, I have one awesome idea for you. As you can judge from the title that it is going to be wishes of the group of people. Yes, it is. So let me explain what exactly it is. I will explain it to you with an example, Let suppose you want to surprise a friend who went to New York for higher studies. What you will do is contact all his/her close friends, relatives, and family members. You ask them to make a 15 to the 30-second video giving their wishes. After you get all those videos, convert it into a mixed video with a single presentation all together. Imagine how surprised your friend will be to see all of them in a single video, wishing for his birthday. So the same way you can surprise anyone you want with this simple idea.

2. Hidden Notes It is quite a fun and exciting surprise you can give anyone on birthday. Take view pieces of paper or maybe some notes. In every note, write some message for the birthday. You can write wishes, funny messages, emotional touchy messages, writing experiences, anything which can make that person day, exciting and special. Now when you write all those messages after that you have to hide those note in things that the personal use or maybe the place that person spends his most of the time. The twist is you are not hiding only one note instead you are hiding different notes in a different place. Imagine the excitement it will give the birthday person for the whole day to explore different notes from the diary, bag, pen, launch box, suit pocket, etc..

3. You forgot I have surprised my girlfriend with this kind of wired thing but this eventually turned out to be a great surprise. I will tell you what I did, maybe you will get inspired by this story and create your own way to surprise anyone. 3 years back on 21st April, it was my girlfriends birthday. Usually, on her birthday I turn up to her home at midnight to wish her but on that birthday I acted on a phone as if I don’t remember that her birthday is just a moment to arrive. I told her on a phone that I have to go out with my friends at night and we are on a night out. She really got upset as she thought I really forgot her birthday. After talking to her I end up the call and then came the surprise. It was all my plan to act like I forgot and then turn to her as usual at midnight. I planed a lot of things to surprise her on that night, there are too many things so I will better discuss that any time later. So coming to the point, at 00 am I called her and asked her to see down from her window. She got really surprised as she was not expecting me to come there. So I think this you can also try, spice it up with your own way to make it more interesting. The idea just simply acts as if you don’t know and then surprise all of a sudden at midnight.

4. Radio Broadcasting Have you thought to broadcast a birthday wish on Radio? I guess you have not tried it yet. Recently while driving my car I was on one radio station for a long time. Suddenly a Radio Jockey at 00 Am announced a person name and greeted with a birthday song as a background. I was pretty amazed at the idea, I was thinking how the birthday person would have felt after listening to that. Not only he announced, after that the Jockey gave a call to that person and wished him on behalf of his girlfriend who has planned all of this. The same way you can also do something to give a big surprise to anyone.

5. Thread surprise It is one of the awesome surprise ideas I found reading somewhere that I would like to share it with you. It is a good idea for the husband, wife, mom, dad, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, anyone you are more close to. Let suppose you want to surprise your dad. While he is sleeping at night in his room, you have to manage to tie one end of the thread on his finger and other thread to the gift which you have to put somewhere hidden to some other room. You have to do it almost just before the time he usually wakes up in the morning. Now when he will wake up, he will get surprised to see that thread tied on his finger. He will wake up and follow that thread to find out what it is. When he will reach the end of the thread he will be surprised to see his gifts. You can do it for anyone, above I have given just an example to explain. I hope you got what I am trying to say. A wife can do to her husband, vice versa, brother to sister, boyfriend to girlfriend, etc..

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